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About Karin Schlanger


I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and went to college at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where I first heard about the Mental Research Institute (MRI) and their pioneering work in conflict resolution. I arrived in the States in 1983, and while living at Stanford University, immediately connected with John Weakland, Richard Fisch, Paul Watzlawick and Carlos Sluzki of the MRI. My license from Universidad de Buenos Aires was not recognized in the U.S., so I pursued a Master’s degree at San Jose State and then received my license in 1991. I was made Senior Research Fellow at MRI in 1994, and have been Director of the Brief Therapy Center since 2008. In 1994, I started the Latino Brief Therapy Center to provide mental health services in both Spanish and English to students, their families, and the staff at schools, to better serve low-income students and improve their chances of graduating from High School. I later founded the non-profit organization, Room to Talk, which extended these services to several elementary and high schools in East Palo Alto. I was the Executive Director and Development Director of Room to Talk, supported by a dynamic Board of Directors from several tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Room to Talk helped hundreds of underserved families, predominantly African American and Latino, in East Palo Alto. Through this process I gained valuable experience working with teenagers and families in very difficult situations and helping bridge cultural gaps within families. I was an Adjunct Clinical Instructor at Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services from 2008 to 2010, and I have been a Supervising Associate Professor at the School of Family Therapy, Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital de San Pau y la Santa Creu in Barcelona, Spain since 2011. I currently supervise students in Spain, Paraguay and Chile via Skype and conduct workshops and trainings in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, world wide.