Trainings at the Brief Therapy Center

The Brief Therapy Center has been conducting trainings in Family and Systemic therapy since 1966. The center was founded by the inventors of Brief Therapy: Dick Fisch, Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland, as a testing ground for a new model of therapy when the only other approach around was psychoanalysis. They recorded cases and analyzed them, and based on Bateson and cybernetics, they were able to create a more efficient form of therapy, which would become the Problem-Solving Brief Therapy Model.

Today, the Brief Therapy Center is one of the oldest training centers in the world and boasts the largest repository of archived cases. Students have come from around the world to learn through a mixture of classes, direct viewing and applied practice.

The Brief Therapy Center is unique; clients consent to be viewed by a team and recorded for teaching purposes and therapists-in-training get immediate feed-back during sessions. This allows students of the Problem-Solving Model to get hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced practitioners.

Currently this format of training is offered in Mexico (in Spanish) and the international team is the process of creating online bilingüal course offerings.



“Great professional and personal experience during my residency in BTC. It was refreshing to have clear solution-based rather than problem-oriented approach in direct work with client/s. It was an honor to work with Karin and BTC team. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity!!” - Armina Cerkic

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A history of teaching excellence and groundbreaking alumni

I started conducting trainings in 1987, after learning from the founders of Brief Therapy. I have since had the privilege of sharing the knowledge I gained from them and from my 35 years of experience practicing the Problem-Solving Model all over the world.

With over 50 years of continual operation, the Brief Therapy Center continues to teach the next generation of therapists its unique methods. Thousands of young therapists have come through the BTC to do rotations in their schooling and write their theses, publishing numerous books and papers. Graduates of our program are equipped with a diverse skill set to efficiently solve complex problems, and join a growing international network of impactful therapists.

The exciting journey continues.